Wednesday, September 5, 2007

VT vs. Adelphia (5-1 W)

The only blemish in this game was the goal we gave up. We tried so hard to have a clean sheet, and we still gave up a goal in the last few minutes of the game just as we did in our exhibition against High Point. That clearly signals a lack of concentration and leadership to me. Granted, we made several substitutions at that time, but, still, players need to become responsible to not let their guard down if we want to get better quickly. We played well, the game plan of being patient and waiting for our chances after Adelphi built their attack against us worked well. We finished well. I think it was 3 goals on 5 shots in the first half.
That's excellent. We still have to work on being better on the ball and not give it away without pressure. That has to be the #1 goal to improve between now and our Clemson game. Careless give aways in our backfield, just because...I cannot explain it nor want to right now b/c it has to just stop. One way of doing it by limiting player's freedom of what they can do with the ball. Another way it to substitute players. The message was clear, we have a lot of work ahead with a team that is talented, but has not found it's soul yet. We have 16 games left to do it.

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g_unit said...

booth teams form our home derby are ranked in csn th so this will be a chance to see how our team plays!