Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Season Outlook

This is a good summary of the upcoming year from (click on title for link)

The challenge for the 2007 Hokies is to mentally embrace being the hunted vs. the hunter. The mindset is more grueling because everyone gets your best shot. They will no longer sneak up on teams in the ACC after several years with big upsets.

Players to watch early are Stefan Hock and Robert Edmans. Both play upfront and should help take some pressure off Patrick Nyarko. If given more space he could really breakout with his ball skills. Edmans in particular will be intriquing to watch because he will provide a big target in the box, something the Hokies have not had in the past and where they tended to get out manned especially in ACC contests. These two players will allow Ben Nason to play more midfield, his natural position. The defense should be better if the injury bug can be avoided this year and goal keeper should improve with the return of two keepers with experience, something that was lacking last year. An influx of redshirt and new talent will also provide depth and competition at the position.

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